Jamie Sutherland

Director, CA

When it comes to tax, Jamie knows his stuff. In his previous employment as an investigator at the IRD he built a strong knowledge of the tax man, the tax system and the tax law. Now he’s on our team, he expertly keeps on top of all things to do with tax.

He’s our ‘go to’ person for complex tax issues that challenge our clients. Whether it’s an international tax issue or determining GST and income tax implications for land and property transactions, Jamie has the expertise to find the solution.

Speaking of expertise, he’s a dab hand in the aged care industry, construction industry, property investment or development, and the oil and gas industry.

And whether it’s his six foot two inch frame or his innate pragmatism, Jamie has developed a genuine aptitude for dispute resolution, mediation, and making those tough calls.

When he’s not with the client or in the office, he’s often on the water. Jamie’s passion for sailing has seen him compete for New Zealand as well as judging, officiating and coaching at national level. Jamie is also proud of his boat building capabilities, having built several classes of yacht.

Keen to contribute to the community, Jamie has chaired several organisations including the New Plymouth Boys’ High School Board of Trustees.

Jamie and his wife, Pauline, have three children who all share similar sporting and artistic interests.


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Commercial Accountant, Director