HR and Payroll

Human Resources And Payroll, Powering Your People.

There’s no doubt that when you and your staff are well supported and your culture is rewarding business will run smoothly, but as the saying goes, “we’re only human” and when the wheels of commerce start to squeak it's important that you have sound HR advice on your side.

If you don’t have an in-house Human Resources department, we can work with you to unlock the full potential of your organisation with our comprehensive Human Resource services.

Tandem Group can assist with a range of HR services including employment agreements, employment issues, recruitment, training and coaching. All whilst ensuring you cover all your legal obligations as an employer.


We understand how time intensive the recruitment process can be, and how important it is to get the right people in the right role. We can handle all aspects of the recruitment process and keep you informed along the way, or we can work alongside you to step in when you need us and provide you with help and advice throughout the entire process.

Should we carry out the recruitment process for you, our team will meet with you to learn your business needs and the requirements for the role(s) and will then provide you with a comprehensive recruitment plan that can be tailored to your organisation and specific needs.

Whether you are upscaling, looking for a replacement or in need of additional staffing, we will take the time to understand your organisation, culture and business requirements and will provide you with the necessary help and advice to ensure the recruitment process fits the job requirements and is efficient and successful.

Strategic Human Resources Planning

Human resources isn’t just about reacting, operating on a strategic level we take the time to understand your organisation goals to ensure you have what you need to achieve them.

We will work with you to help identify both the current and future Human Resource needs to make sure you reach your Key Performance Indicators and optimise the operational effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation so you run smoother, faster, with the right kind of people on board.

Capability Planning

With our experience we are able to lead you in building your capability and your that of staff. We have a number of specialist areas to assist in building your business.

Training Plans

Whether you want your staff to upskill or have found gaps in staff knowledge, we can create a training plan and can further identify any other/specific training may be required

Succession Planning

We will work with you to identify critical positions in your organisation and will assist in creating a plan to ensure these roles are filled by the right people.

Leadership Coaching

We can create and facilitate specific coaching for managers. We will analyse strengths, goals, people skills to a tailored plan focused on empowering managers to be the best leaders they can be.

Ready to empower your staff and raise the bar for your business?