Business Advisory Services - The Core Four

At Tandem Group we look at unlimiting your business from a multitude of viewpoints. Your finances, your tax obligations and structures right through to your processes, people and culture.

Business Advisory

Ready to accelerate your business’s potential? Our tailored business advisory programs cover everything from strategy and people to finance. Learn how to grow your customer base, manage your workforce efficiently, and fund your business growth. We’ll make your business work for you, not the other way around.

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Accounting and Taxation

A thriving business demands a clear grasp of financial performance, profitability, and cash flows. Our comprehensive accounting services empower you to understand your business’s past, future, and potential. From financial statements to budgeting, we’ve got you covered. Make informed decisions with confidence.

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Rural Advisory

Our rural clients receive a gumboots on approach. We have lived and understand the seasonal nature of our growing and producing clients, with this in mind we prepare easy to read figured forecasts, no surprises taxation calculations and inter-generational succession planning.

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HR and Payroll

From timesheets to PAYE returns, our system streamlines payday, posting automated payroll journals and filing returns directly with Inland Revenue. Plus, we offer expert support for recruitment, staff management, and disciplinary matters. Power your people with our expertise.

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From hospitality to rural business, manufacturing to tech, no matter what business puzzle you are trying to solve, we’ve got the missing pieces.