Rural Advisory

Nourishing Taranaki’s Agricultural Businesses

Dedicated Accountancy and Business Services for Taranaki’s Rural Backbone.

Tandem recognises that the needs of Taranaki’s agricultural enterprises require specialised attention. Throughout the life-cycle of your farming business, critical issues must be navigated: from business structuring and bookkeeping challenges to GST, financial statements, taxation, and the complexities of buying and selling capital assets. 

We have a comprehensive suite of professional accountancy and business advisory services tailored specifically to primary producers, acknowledging that the hurdles faced in this industry often differ from those encountered in other sectors.

As a Taranaki-based firm led by locals, we understand the dynamics that shape our rural community and the wide range of financial challenges encountered by farmers. We extend our expertise to you; to grow, nurture and future proof the financial performance of your farm for this generation and the next.

Whether it’s property and land taxation, tax structures, succession planning or payroll, you can trust us to provide down-to-earth business insights to grow your rural operations.

Annual Reporting

Our team prides itself on ensuring we have the knowledge to service all types of entity structure, so if you’re a sole-trader, dairy farmer, a multi-entity corporate, a charitable trust or a public entity, we have your annual reporting requirements sorted.

Management Reporting

Knowing and understanding your organisations current position and how business decisions will impact on the future is fundamental. We provide clients timely and accurate information, and more importantly sit down to discuss any major concerns or improvements that we have identified.


Looking to purchase that next asset, expand your sales line, or branch out of the region? We build robust forecasts and budgets with clients. We ask the relevant questions, gather solid intel from banks, and industry leaders to ensure that the information we provide will successfully guide your business decisions in the right direction.

Even more importantly, we scale our forecasting so that you receive the information you need as your business expands and grows.


Business benchmarking is one of the best tools for gaining insight into how efficiently your business is operating, how your costs compare to similar businesses, and where improvements can be made.

Good business decisions come from good information. From agriculture, forestry, fisheries or horticulture we take your data and convert it into useful information so that you can make informed decisions and set relevant targets.

Farm Accounting Newsletter

Farm Accounting NZ is a quarterly publication which is circulated to subscribers around New Zealand. It works to clarify and educate readers on a diverse range of farm accounting, taxation, general topics and issues.
Topics and issues covered:

  • Livestock valuation,
  • Income spreading tools, such as:
    • deferred fertiliser,
    • income equalisation,
    • farm consumables accrual rules,
  • Accounting and tax treatment for farming expenses,
  • Topical articles on farming practices,
  • Legislation commentary,
  • Farming issues and events.

To subscribe please email us at

Farm Accounting Made Easy

Farm Accounting Made Easy (FAME) is a four-part training series designed to teach accountants, of all skill levels, farm accounting. The modules are designed to be studied at your own pace and include self assessment exercises and projects. Each module also includes a selection of relevant articles from Farm Accounting NZ, a quarterly publication, as essential readings.

This series starts by introducing students to the basics of farm accounting, covering topics such as coding of a farmer’s typical types of income and expenses. Later modules cover more complex farm accounting methods and tools, such as income equalisation deposits, fertiliser spreading, livestock valuation, and accounting for the sales and purchases of farms.

Modules can be completed in isolation, but for maximum benefit, we recommend you complete the whole series. For more information, phone 06 758 5273.

Ready to get to know your business inside out? Know your numbers and watch it grow.